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Arancha Rodrigálvarez

Fashion designer

+34 656 75 43 13


Sofía Nieto Recio

Costume and stage designer

+34 699 87 04 50


Where we are.

—  Whe are at Carmen 17, Madrid.


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— Cretino Films,

"When we need to dress and give personality a cretino character, we always turn to Carmen17, because they like vermut, a good back comb and lynx cubs"

—  Gabriel Fernandez Gil, director.

"Arancha and Sofía handle costume not only as an aesthetic statement the marrative, and that is like a candy for the director"

—  DeVerbena, designers.

“Elegantly wild”

—  Luis Ángel Pérez, DOP

“Carmen 17 is much more than taffeta, it is cofee with pastries, it is going to the fountain when you are thirsty”

—  Coke Viaga, stage director and choreograph.

"I always turn to Carmen17, they finish my characters"

—  Estela Films, the oldest Producter Co is Spain.

If you need a costume designer for your next project or if you want to show off whith made to meassure clothes, don´t think more, ring Sofía and Arancha´s bell. We are lucky enough to have worked with them frecuently and being able to call them friends.

— Wences Lamas, artist

"I couldn´t tell if they dressed or undressed the story"

— Paul Stein, director.

"Working with Carmen17 is similar to going through the dreams barrier, you jot some ideas and they make them reality."

— Makiko Sese, dancer.

"I feel protected, dancing with them. My dress is hand made with the heart"

— Alberto Acinas, musician.

"nobody look after the attire as good as them"

—  Juan Sebastián Dominguez Morillo, costume designer.

“Art, technique, care and professionalism…. these are Carmen 17”

 — Pablo Und Destruction, musician.

"When they ask me what kind of musical genre I practice, I always say... my genre is bespoke, like my suits by Carmen17"

— Wicked Tongues, Production Co

"They squander love for what they do. In Wicked Tongues enjoy everytime we go and visit Carmen17 not only for the professionality wich they take over every project, but for their warmth and kindness"

— Natalia Castañeda, lady in Carmen17

"they understand everyone´s own style like anybody else"

— Pako Pimienta, photographer

"Their clothes suit like the mist to the night"



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